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Budget of the projects can be quite different depending on the scale and features of the project. Our typical end-to-end website renovation costs 15.000 $ - 75.000 $. A native mobile IOS/Android application costs 15.000 $ - 50.000 $. In order to give you a more precise estimate, we work on a project calculator. Soon, you will be able to inquire about the cost of your project through this application.

As well as the budget case, it is highly upon the scope and requirements of the project. A typical website development project can take 2-3 months. As the project gets complicated and additional applications and services required the delivery time would be delayed.

We have worked with semi-governmental institutes, hotels, kindergartens and software agencies before as a subcontractor. For a while, we carry out large scale projects from enterprise level clients. We’d like to increase the cooperations with software agencies in the future.

Our team is more likely located in Antalya, Turkey. However, we believe that we live in an age when physical distance becomes less and less important. The application and methods making remote working easier has improved tremendously and give opportunities to collaborate with great people and teams from all over the world.

Of course, we are always open to communicate and help you. We may continue our relationship for maintenance of the delivered project. If you would desire, we can improve and enrich the current website or software from various aspects such as interactivity, additional properties, 3rd party integrations and digital marketing.