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Corporated Platform

Corporate Portal and Platform Design

They are specialized software development projects developed in accordance with the various digital needs of public institutions, private companies or non-profit institutions and organizations. Such software gains importance within the scope of the digital transformation of institutions. By automating the work, ensuring smooth and reliable data flow between different departments of the institution without errors, job follow-up, increasing interaction with the target audience, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing in-house productivity are only a part of the advantages provided by such software.

Institutions that want to keep up with the times and continue their existence in the future should benefit from such software to adapt to the digital world. The AssociationManagement System we have developed for the Antalya Association of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) is a remarkable example among such projects.



DevOps is a practice, tools, and work culture that automates and enhances integration between software development and IT teams. It advocates the idea that these two teams should work together, closing the gap between development and operation. In this way, software will be developed more in line with operational needs and operational burdens will be reduced thanks to this developed software.

DevOps phases continue in a continuous cycle. These stages are; planning, construction, continuous integration and delivery/supply, supervision and alerting, operation, feedback.


R&D Project Consulting

Experience in this field and project management experience gain importance in research and development projects. In the project, there is a need for consultancy in various aspects such as determining the main objectives, researching methods, making a business plan, finding resources for project financing, documentation and strategic mentoring.

Our team has signed many R&D projects funded by official institutions before. Contact us to consult our experienced experts.


MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with a minimum of features that confirms the business hypothesis and satisfies the needs of early users. It gives you a chance to get a lot of ideas about whether a business idea is really viable, the future of the business, the expectations of users, their needs, and future improvements to the product.

Manufacturers can get out of their lanterns and test their market and user ideas. For this reason, MVP is a very valuable and important step for an innovative business. Contact us for your development needs.