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Route Antalya


It can be easily integrated into many languages. ROTA ANTALYA serves in Turkish, English, Germany and Russian. On a device used in one of these languages, it automatically opens in the same language and can be changed from the profile page according to the user's request.


The infrastructure of the Rota Antalya application allows informative content to be presented in written form, as well as presenting it audibly. The language of the voiceover changes automatically when the language changes. In addition, since the application continues to run in the background when the phone screen is closed, users can continue to listen to audio content.

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Route Antalya

Geographical Location Based

The locations of the determined places can be viewed on the map. While on the map screen, different nearby points can be viewed both on the map and on the scrolling cards at the bottom. You can also access the content by clicking on the card.

Address Description

Users can reach the directions of the point they want to reach by using the application's own map or Google Maps. Directions can be customized as automobile, bicycle and walking path. It provides the opportunity to follow the road on the map by updating the user's location information simultaneously while moving towards the target.


Application contents have category and tag structure. Thus, the contents are categorized as optional. It can be accessed from the category detail page and quick access buttons. This structure works in full compliance with the filter and search infrastructure.

Custom Routes

Users logging into the application can create their own routes. Users can name the routes they create, take notes about the route and easily add the desired locations from the list. They can change the order of stops on the routes they have created by dragging and dropping them as they wish. The directions of the routes can be easily accessed from the button at the bottom right. Users can then edit the name and notes of the route or delete the route if they wish.

Like and Rate

Users can like their favorite places by pressing the heart button at the bottom right of the picture. Users can see how many likes the places have received. However, venues can be rated by the administrator.


Users earn points for their interactions on the application. The application provides the infrastructure for the establishment of a certain incentive system by rewarding them with the points they earn from actions such as check-in, liking and finishing the route.

Social Media Share

Users can reach the directions of the point they want to reach by using the application's own map or Google Maps. Suggested directions can be customized as automobile, bicycle or walking path.

Social Media Authentication

While logging into the application, users are provided with a large number of login options, allowing users to log in from the channel they feel comfortable with.

Offline Support

Foreign tourists' internet access is generally limited. For this reason, our application is designed so that it can continue to provide certain services even when there is no internet. Photos, written content and related map layers are always available without the need for the Internet in the reviewed content.

Image Carousel

Many photos can be shared on the home page and on the detail screen of the locations. Photos automatically scroll sideways. You can scroll by dragging and view the photos in the gallery.

Dark Theme

Depending on the modern application development and design trends, the application has a dark theme preference. Users who wish can set this theme from their profile pages.

Quick Search

A quick search can be made from the search bar at the top. The contents are viewable both as a list and on the map. Since there is no distinction between Turkish and foreign characters in searches, problems related to character errors are not encountered in usage. All results with a close match in the entered character phrase are listed.


You can also search by filtering from the filter button at the top left. Various criteria such as region, category, proximity can be used at the same time. Category and filter structure can be dynamically controlled from the content management screen.

Energy Saving

Since the latest technological innovations and tools are used in the application development process, the software is highly optimized. Thanks to its low CPU usage, it draws less energy from the phone and protects the user's phone charge.


All hosting and maintenance services related to the application are provided by Enpro.

Application Market Management

Publishing processes in Android Market and AppStore are carried out by Enpro. The application is highly appreciated by users in the market.