Our Process | Enpro

Research & Discovery

This phase contains interviews with our clients to get insights about their needs, expectations and pain points related to the current process of working. We listen carefully, research, discuss and brainstorm to understand and offer the best solution.


Analysis & Planning

We analyze elaborately the data acquired from the previous phase. So, we plan the project timeline, work packages, budget and technology stacks that are best suited for the project.


Product Design

We create wireframes and mockups, thus, our clients can understand what the product will look like and how to behave. Also, we can understand our clients' ideas better and be sure of the desired version of the product.


Development & Implementation

This is the part that realized the main mission of a software development project. We build professional, beautiful and smart software which makes your job easier and attracts your audiences. As we’re developing, we follow best practices, rely on the schedule and consider in favor of our client.


Testing & Optimization

After development we test the quality of the product. Through the tests are monitored the resource consumption of the program and make sure that the program works flawlessly. Also, codes are reviewed to make sure that there is not any fault that can cause trouble in the present or future. The codes are reviewed, refactored if it is needed and optimized before the delivery.


Deploy & Monitoring

Finally, we deliver and deploy the software that we build for the client. The product is starting to be used by users. We continue to support our clients to solve the issues that they encountered and assist them to understand the usage of the software. If it is needed, the supporting process can be consolidated with documentation, tutoring videos and meetings.