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Corporate Web Design

Corporate Website Development

Today, the corporate website has become one of the most important tools and assets of institutions in their communication with the outside world. The website is a digital publication that reflects the values, operation, approach and perspective of the institution and should be considered as a whole with the brand.

Corporate website development is a web development project created by analyzing the brand, mission and vision well and evaluating them in dimensions such as appearance, visibility and functionality. Corporate websites are sites that aim to promote the institution, not a specific product.

The corporate website can describe the achievements, performance, activities, services and products of the institution. In addition to the verbal content it conveys, it has the potential to increase the reputation of the institution with factors such as innovation in design, functionality and opening speed.


Wordpress Website

Did you know that 35% of the 1 million most popular websites on the internet are built with Wordpress? This platform, which has been strong for years, has many advantages. One of the most important benefits is that it is fast and budget friendly. Its success in search engine optimization, fast opening of many themes, responding to various design needs are other positive features. Thanks to the many plugins it contains, it is also possible to add various functions to the website.

If you are wondering if I should have my website built with Wordpress or custom code, contact us. Let's work on your project and find the most suitable solution for you.


UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is one of the most important stages at the beginning of a project. Since User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) play an important role in how a product is perceived by the user, it makes a difference between the success of two products with the same function. Many of the applications and websites we use today have become popular not because they are unique and revolutionary in idea, but because they offer the most enjoyable, understandable and easy experience for the user.

The design process, which consists of Wireframe - Modeling - Prototyping stages, provides great convenience in the development phase. The developer can focus on realizing the design without thinking about the design part, and on the client side, it is a more relaxing process as he knows the product he will receive at the end of the job.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy Consulting

Product Strategy Consulting is the consultancy given to determine the most suitable technology, structure, budget and development method for that product by analyzing the customer's needs and the future point of the product.

The strategy determined in this regard guides both design and engineering. In line with the road map drawn, the most sustainable, most economical, most effective and most efficient solution is reached in the long term.



The maintenance of software products is an important problem in terms of the rapid change and development of technology. A developed product needs to keep pace with the changes in itself and to adapt to environmental changes or to work on changes that need to be protected.

We can cover maintenance in three main areas: program updates, backups, and malware protection. In addition, periodic SEO work can be counted among other maintenance services to reach an expert by phone or email with the problems you encounter, and to keep your website on top of Google. You can reach our experts for support in this regard.